Tuesday, May 6

Yay! Boooo! Yay! Boooo!

The title of this post pretty much sums up this past week. For every "yay" there was a "boo."


1. Brother Rippie and his lady Devo were in from California. IT WAS SO GREAT TO SEE THEM!!

2. Iron Man is awesome. If you are a comic fan, you MUST stay through the credits. If you aren't a comic fan, stay through the credits and I'll explain to you why that is the coolest fucking thing in the fucking world and why I kept shrieking like a little bitch through the whole scene. I teared up a bit.

3. My dodgeball team made the finals!

4. If you've known me for awhile, you are fully aware that I'd rather sew my eyelids to my toes then sing karaoke. I absolutely positively hate it, but I have to be honest...the American Idol game rocks!!


1. My kitchen sink was busted for two days. The pipe disconnected from the drain causing a flood all under my cabinet. It totally sucked, especially when I kept absentmindedly turning the water on to wash my hands after cleaning underneath. I did this three times until I finally put a bag over the faucet. Of course the bag didn't stop me from dumping two glasses of water into the sink an hour later. Needless to say, I cursed ALOT.

2. My interweb went down. I rearranged my bedroom, forgetting that I only have one outlet and no extension cord. I had to move my furniture back to its original position in order to use my computer, but for some reason my modem wouldn't work when I plugged it back in. Totally annoying.

3. I had a very stressful week at work, which is stupid for two reasons. One, I took this job to detach and be stress-free. Two, I haven't been at Minnow very long. I should cut myself some slack.

Nerdspeak: I was stuck in database hell. Every file I imported into Access needed to be scrubbed, but of course I couldn't tell what was fucked up with it until I ran the queries. It took me two full days to get it right; I wanted to shoot myself.

I fell right into my old Company habits: frustration, anger, "Why the fuck do they even need this shittin' report?," more anger, stupid mistakes, rage, "What the fuck am I doing with my life?," ulcer, stomach pain, teeth grinding, "I fucking hate the world!!!!", HULK OUT....

I finally figured it out on Friday. I was so fucking happy that I wet myself. I think I saw Jesus.

Thankfully I have learned to keep my mouth shut and go for a walk when I get that upset, but man, keeping that shit in hurts...

4. ...making me circle back to:

What the fuck AM I doing with my life???

I am having an identity crisis. I thought I was doing really well with things, but yeah, no. I feel so out of sorts lately. I think that's why I haven't written in awhile. Well posted anyways; I've been writing in my journal like a mad-woman.

I wish I could stop thinking. I think way too fucking much. I want to DO, not THINK!

Ugh! Fuck! Boo!

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lou said...

i like the first boo. that was hilarious!
not for you, though :-P