Thursday, August 28


Ugh...I am dying a slow painful allergied death.

I started feeling the stuffy fuzz the minute I walked back into my office yesterday.

The "stuffy fuzz" is when it feels like the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland is chilling out in my nostrils and blowing his hookah smoke right up into my eyes causing them to be ridiculously itchy and watery.

My body must have put its guard down out west and forgot to put it back up again when I got home.

Damn fresh air! It's killing the visiting New Yorkers!


Heather said...

dude, my allergies are destroying me this week. chicago has a level 10 pollen count (out of 10). I haven't been able to wear my contacts in 3 days. SUCK IT TREBEK!

jenn said...

you are not alone! i've been sick since last thursday! i keep waiting for my ears to pop and for my normal hearing to return, and it hasn't. life sucks! especially when you're stuck in a pool of invisible water and can't hear shit.