Wednesday, August 6

The Gayest of Days

As I was walking down Broadway in Astoria I overheard:

Guy 1: "...and I said if ESPN wants to expand their network to..." (stops and looks at friend real quick) "You know what ESPN is right?"

Guy 2: "I'm not THAT gay!"

About 15 minutes later I'm sitting on the train at the Lexington and 59th Street station. A guy gets on carrying two long boxes. What's inside? Track-lighting.

I got off the train a couple stops later and ended up walking behind a very fashionable male talking on his cell-phone. He said, "Shut UP", "ohmygod", and "gay" like eighteen times in the three minutes I was within earshot.

The Gayest of Days I tell you. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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