Wednesday, August 27

And I wonder...

An OkCupid guy asked me, "If you were reincarnated, what would you come back as?"

My answer?

Well, I have a sneaky suspicion I was a black overweight ex-baseball player who liked to cook in my last life, so I'm guessing I'm due to be a petite Asian man who is really good at calligraphy in my next one. (I think I read somewhere that your sex changes with every reincarnation.)

And I wonder why I'm single...

I should have just said a freakin' butterfly.

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Li'l Jen said...

Really? THAT'S what this guy wanted to know about you? Don't feel bad about your answer, the question is ridiculous. There are way more things he should be asking to get to know you.

Although...YOUR answer DOES say a lot about you... ;-) hahaha