Sunday, August 17

Fear of Dating

Being afraid of both dying alone and commitment isn't working out (DUH), so it's time to get over myself and start dating.

Since I'm also watching my budget I decided to give the free OKcupid a try. I figure it will be a nice practice ground before I pay for eHarmony or Match again, both of which I didn't take too seriously the first time around.

It's only been a week so far and it seems promising. Of course I just have to accept the fact that writing in my profile that I love comic books and Star Wars is going to attract somewhat unattractive men-folk (double DUH), but whatevs. I need to be with someone who believes in both.

Know who I DON'T need to be with? The guy who wrote me this message an hour ago:

hi im phil and i really liked your profile...want to talk to a rich well hung man??

Look, I love money and DDA, but do I want to be with someone who writes this? Nope, and frankly if I were him I wouldn't want to date a girl who'd respond "Yes". Even in my whoriest days I'd say no.

Guys if you're rich and hung like a horse then keep your mouth shut. Let me or any other girl be pleasantly surprised later on.


Li'l Jen said...

hahahahaha I should totally blog the ridiculous messages I've gotten.

That shit is crazy though, haven't gotten anything like that...yet. ;-)

booshadammn said...

If you're not going to date Phil, please don't be greedy and keep him to yourself!