Sunday, August 3

Strategic Sunburning

Since I'm the Queen of Tank Tops I always manage to get the dumbest looking Irish tanlines.

MJ and Steve-O's wedding is this week (WOO HOO!) so to avoid looking like a zig-zagged candy cane in my dress, I decided to strategically burn myself to cover the white stripes on my shoulders, chest, and back.

This requires more work than one would think. I spent a good ten minutes carefully placing SPF 30 on the already sunburned parts and then spent another five minutes pondering if this was a good idea or not. I mean really, am I so shallow that I will risk skin damage to look not even good (because no one looks good sunburned), but to have a consistent coloring??

Yes. Yes, I am. And it worked. I am now a solid carnation from the cleavage up. Yaay melanoma!


Frogs in my formula said...

After 32 years of sunburns I've given up on the sun. Between the weird geometric shaped red spots (like your recent sunburn) and the value packs of Solarcaine I just plain ole gave up...

booshadammn said...

I'm not so sure I approve of your plan, but your dress is VERY cute!