Tuesday, August 17


My lucky number is 37. It came about when playing the board game Life as a kid. Every time I'd choose 3 or 7 on the number strip, I'd become a tycoon and win.

I love when the number randomly pops up in my life. For example, I just checked my spending tracker to see how many Peppermint Patties I've eaten since my addiction started in April. As of today, 37. Awesome.

I also love when a ridiculously random image pops up on a Google search that has nothing to do with anything I am searching.

I thought I'd find an image of the Life number strip in case you don't know what I'm talking about. No such luck. Or actually, lots of luck because this was the first image to pop up instead:

If the price was $37, I woulda shit myself.

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Jennifer Juniper said...

LOVE THAT SO MUCH! I wanna know what this was made for! What were your search words.

Also, for you, the translation:

I think the first thing is just the name, don't know what it means (CADDOMO). It says "lunch table" under that.

Above the IKEA symbol it says "Ideas for your home." The little tab on the side says "dining room."

Along the bottom, first "New IKEA catalog!" then "more choices in store!"

haha I really, really love this. Thank you.