Monday, August 16

Mash Up

I feel like writing, but I don't feel like making sense. Or at least not making paragraphs. I really should be on Twitter because I am a segmented thinker. I don't even know what that means.

Giants/Jets pre-season game is on! I'm pretty psyched for football season, especially since the Mets blow. Just another August in Queens. Spags invited me to the game tonight. I'm bummed I didn't go, but since surgery is nine days away (I'm not counting) I want to take it easy. I'm also bailing on the Yankees game tomorrow night. I don't know what crowds have to do with my boobs, but I sort of want to avoid them. Maybe I'm feeling exposed. I'm feeling exposed.

Speaking of the bags, I haven't been in pain in a few days! Hurrah!

Was anyone else confused by the weather last night? It was cold and rainy. I couldn't understand it. I was wearing my summer uniform (t-shirt, capris, flip-flops) and actually made a pitstop home just so I could bundle up for the walk to get tacos. No joke, I came outside with socks, sneakers, jeans, a raincoat, and a scarf. I didn't actually use the scarf, but I had it to be safe. Ruth Clare in full effect.

Saturday I had an awesome pool-filled day with Stevie. I love playing pool. I do not love angry lesbian pool players who push you off your table halfway through a game. I'm a mouthy bitch and even I did not want to start with these beasts. They were scary.

Boy update - I am not single. I've never been single. I have had imaginary boyfriends my whole life.

Today I realized I need to think about a guy, ANY guy at all times because I'm afraid if I'm not thinking about one the universe will think I'm not trying. I have always been mentally and emotionally attached to some dude, whether they knew/liked it or not.

Case in point, I've spent the past six weeks ing-ing all over Mick for nothing. He didn't pick me! Hell, I didn't pick him! MOVE ON.

But that's my problem. I'm afraid to let go of Mick because there isn't anyone to move on to...

My mom always stops me when I get like this and says, "...right now." It's like the "in bed" game with fortune cookies.

Me: "I hate my job!"

Mom: "...right now."

Me: "I have so much debt!"

Mom: "...right now."

Me: "You're fucking annoying!"

Mom: "...right now."

She's right, though. I'm afraid to let go of Mick because there isn't anyone to move on to RIGHT NOW. Who knows? Maybe once I let go of stupids, someone better will come along sooner.

Huh. Letting go. Sure seems to be the theme for this year.

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I have to say, as a chronic crusher (chronic crusher: one who always has a crush on another), it is actually liberating to not be thinking about a guy. Currently I'm in that state. It's quite nice. Not agonising over whether or not I am liked. And more time to focus on OTHER things that I like and are important. Like Final Fantasy XIII. ;-) haha And training for the Warrior Dash!!!