Saturday, August 28


Thanks for all of your support, my emotional bras. You are such great friends. Love!

The good news: my surgery went really well. The nurse said everything looked fine at my follow-up visit yesterday. And the girls still look pretty damn even! Hurrah!

The not so good news: it was a very stressful week. My mom and I didn't get along. I barely slept. I keep crying. My breast feels empty. I feel raw.

The past three days felt like six months. I thought I was going in for surgery Wednesday at 11am, but I ended up on standby. The nurse said she'd call in the morning. No one called all day. I had to call them at 10am, 2pm, and 4pm before they said to come to the office. The wait would have been fine if a) I wasn't with my extremely impatient mother, b) I wasn't nervous and freaked out, and c) I wasn't told to fast. By the time it was all over, I hadn't drank or eaten for twenty hours. Awesome.

Thursday I was too vicodined up to feel or care about anything. Yesterday I was an emotional wreck and couldn't center myself for my life. Today is the first day I am truly in recovery. Now I am able to heal and reflect. And hopefully sleep. So tired...

I am glad this is almost over. I can't wait to feel like myself again. Or my better all-natural self!!! WOOTY WOOT!

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Anonymous said...

Keep your spirits up.... you are a stunnly beautiful woman and i wish nothing but the best for you....

Your friend