Sunday, August 29

Sexy Monday

My friend Palmio has a blog about all of his awesome upcoming comics and projects, as well as fun things he does and enjoys. Definitely check it out, especially on Mondays. Just not at work.

Sexy Monday is a weekly post that includes about 15 pictures of women. Nude, dressed, classy, not-so-classy, natural, fake, amateur, professional - whatever my thoughts are about a specific photo it is fun to just simply ask myself "What do I find sexy?"

In real life, sexy to me is confident, graceful, deep, mysterious, and effortless.

In fantasy life, it's a tied up redhead.

I'm not sure if I want to be her or the person who took the picture. Do I want to look LIKE that or do I want to look AT that? Decisions, decisions...

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lou said...

ok, missed the word verification...

again, either way you win!