Friday, August 20

Follow that Word #3 - Slug

I was followed by another word yesterday. "Slug."

I wrote an email about my anger saying all I want to do is smash skulls and slug beers. I probably meant to write "chug," but "slug" felt right. A few hours later I was reading my horoscope and it said something about a "slugfest" in the cosmos. Then my friend Chips said that a punch to the vagina is a "cunt slug."

If I could marry a phrase, I would be Mrs. Thighs Cunt Slug.

So why "slug"?

slug [sluhg]
2. a nudibranch.
8. Slang . a person who is lazy or slow-moving; sluggard.

I have definitely been a slug all year. I didn't need to look up the meaning (I swear!), but I'm glad I did because nudibranch is my new favorite word. I wonder if there's a town called Nudi and their library is referred to as the Nudibranch.

I'm going to cunt slug you with my nudibranch. JOY!!

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