Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

I like Valentine's Day.

Unfortunately the only time I ever had a boyfriend for it was Psycho Joe back when I was 19. I'm pretty sure we got a hotel room since we were both living at home. I'm pretty sure I bought some lingerie. I'm also pretty sure that if I'm writing "pretty sure" that it was not memorable and doesn't really count.

PJ and I broke up in January and made a half-assed attempt at a reconciliation through February, but we weren't really together. I'm pretty sure we went to Red Lobster and I am absolutely sure he bought me Box of Pearls: The Janis Joplin Collection because I love that box set. That was eleven years ago. Balls.

MD and I went out to dinner the other night. I had a really great time (YAY!), but we still haven't had The Talk yet. Well, we haven't had it since the beginning of December after my Thanksgiving Meltdown. While a lot of things have changed since then, I am afraid to find out his mind hasn't.

We texted a bit earlier. I asked him to hang out tonight, but he had to work late. I don't know what's worse, not having anyone to like on Valentine's Day or not being able to be with the person I like on Valentine's Day. It would have been so eassssyyy for him to blow my mind today, but he didn't.

Look I know it's just a day and if MD proposed to me tomorrow it wouldn't matter, it's just that for whatever reason I am a 33 year old spinster who has gotten her heart broken a zillion times yet SOMEHOW still likes Valentine's Day. I'd really like to share it with someone for once and this year I wanted it to be him.

Oh well. At least it's not as upsetting as the shit with Banana last year. I wouldn't have minded riding a mechanical bull again, though! Shit, did I ever even write about that? Me and some of the girls went on an Anti-Valentine's Day pub crawl that started at Cheap Shots (actual name of bar) and ended at Mason Dixon (ditto) for some bull riding. I made a map and everything!

It was the best Valentine's Day I ever had. Remind me to drink next year.


Li'l Jen said...
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Jennifer Juniper said...

Yeah. I'm in.