Saturday, February 5

More Thingalings

Oatmeal is safe! My stomach was okay and I had more energy. In fact I felt pretty good yesterday morning until I put on my glasses. My head starting hurting and a felt hazy again. I'm now wondering if maybe my prescription is wrong. The guesswork is getting to me though, so I'm trying to ignore everything until I get the bloodwork back. It's taking longer than I thought, probably because he tested me for so many different things. Oh well. I have to power through as best as I can.

This morning was a little rough. I woke up with a really bad headache, which turned into a panic attack. I have to stop hoping I'm going to wake up feeling well because when I don't it depresses me. I talked myself down and feel pretty good now. I'm glad because I got plans, bitch! I'm heading out to Swaft for a bit, then over to my friends' birthday party in the city tonight. I haven't gone out in two weeks, so it will be nice to be social for a while.

Last night Bacon, Jarv, and Juniper came over to coach me through cooking. It was a success! I made lemon pepper chicken with quinoa and mixed vegetables. I was a little panicky when I first turned the stove top on because it smelled like gas, but it subsided. I'm really looking forward to cooking more, I'm just not quite ready to do it on my own yet. Tomorrow I'm going to make a Steelers cake for MD, so Bacon is going to hang with me while my oven is on. Baby steps. (Sorry I'm such a freak, guys. Having your non-judgmental support helped a lot!)

MD...I wasn't going to write about him because I know it's getting old, but I can't help it. He's all I think about. It's ridiculous, actually. I'd talk about him for hours if I knew I could do it without getting punched in the facenuts. I'm sure I'm just focusing on him more than usual as a distraction from being sick. Then again, I might be thinking about him the same amount as I usually do, but don't want to admit to myself that I am obsessing. Bygones. Either way, I need a hobby.

I know it's dumb, but I felt like football Sundays were our thing. We met at the beginning of the season and watched at least 10 weeks of games together. Tomorrow it's over. Ideally this is when we start going on actual dates. I'm trying not to think about Valentine's Day.

Okay. Whatever happens, happens. Whatever will be, will be. I'm going to have a great time with him tomorrow, hopefully the Steelers will win, and then Monday I will wake up and have a fabulous week at work. Done and done.

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