Friday, February 11

You know what?

I don't buy the depression diagnosis. I'm an emotional worrywart who drinks too much, exercises too little, obsesses over things out of my control, and waits too long to change the things I can. I will admit I have been pretty down the past couple of weeks because I don't feel well, but I do not believe it's depression. So fuck you, doc. Would you be so quick to say it was depression if I was a dude?

I definitely could use some help with stress management, so I will be going back to therapy. I have a good life, there's no reason I should be this anxious and uncomfortable.

I got an email from The Gentleman on Wednesday. He was really sick and is now travelling for the next week and a half. I decided I'll wait to have the talk when he comes back. I felt bad calling it quits when he doesn't feel well.

MD and I hung out last night. Awesome. That is all.

I felt really great yesterday. First time in three weeks. YAY! Today I feel okay, except for the splitting headache and now neck pain. I don't think it's related to food or stress or DEPRESSION (jerk). It's probably because I'm carrying my laptop everywhere, looking down at it as opposed to looking up at a desktop monitor, and started sleeping laying flat again after two months of sleeping sitting up post-surgery. Well, post-pulled chest muscle. DUDE. I solemnly swear to be the healthiest I have ever been in my entire life starting now.

My only plans for this weekend are to cook and rest. I'm feeling a little hermity, but I think it's because I just want to save all my energy for getting better. Done and done.

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