Tuesday, February 22

'Twas a great weekend!

Friday night I got some tacos and a beer with Jarv.

Saturday I went to the gym, cooked some eggs (by myself!), watched Modern Family, went to Swaft for a burger and drink with Jarv, came home, watched more Modern Family, then The Social Network.

Sunday Juniper and I went to the Whitney Museum for the Edward Hopper exhibit then off to Luke's Lobster for dinner (the lobster rolls are divine).

Yesterday I cooked some eggs (by myself!), exercised at home, did my taxes ($1K coming my way!), went to Crazy Ass with Bakes and Jarv, then did laundry.

In between all of those things I slept and meditated. It was the perfect relaxing weekend.

I will admit I was pretty sad about MD at times. I had some good soul-cleansing laugh-cries, so I'm well on my way to being over him. Today was the first day I got angry about him, though. I'm not sure if this is a setback or not. I'D LIKE TO BASH HIS FACE IN. Thoughts?

Another setback - I feel stupid. I should have known better, but I followed my heart and went for it anyways. Oh well. The six months I wasted on him is nothing in the grand scheme of things. At least it's over. Well to clarify, it's not technically over, but we haven't spoken since Wednesday. I don't want to call him, I know he won't call me, and OH YEAH, we were never really together so there's nothing to end!! JERKSTORES FTW!!

Here are some one-liner emails I'd like to send him:

"I am no longer interested in your services."

"Please remove my phone number from your list of contacts."

"I'd greatly appreciate if you ignore me at Crazy Ass for the rest of eternity."

"I beat your Photo Hunt score under the name FUCK YOU."

ARGH. Now I'm all red again. I need another relaxing weekend stat!

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