Wednesday, May 16

Oh well...

I wanted Natasha the sexy Russian minx to win, but the other chick did. Oh well.

I wore a dress to work today. Like I mentioned before I never wear shorts, barely ever wear skirts or dresses. I think I looked pretty from the waist up. Still hatin' on the waist down though.

When I lost weight a couple years ago I worked out and monitored my caloric intake. My diet was less than 1,200 calories a day BUT this was not counting fruits and veggies. I wish I could get back into that mindset. Actually maybe that's my problem. I am a very different person than I was in 2004. Ooooooo!!! Maybe the new me wants to be bulimic! Saaaaweet.

There are two things in life that weigh me down: fat and debt. Have I ever mentioned how I'm horrible with money? If I could be comfortable with my body and in the black I really don't know what the fuck else I'd think about. Hmmm, probably peni. And breasts. I'm a top-up lesbo.

I got my first card in college because I wanted the free umbrella. Or was it the shower radio? I forget. I've had about 5 since then, transferring all my debt to new cards with lower APRs over and over again. I now have one card that if I continue to pay the minimum every month will finally be paid off in 5 years. That is of course if I stop charging on it once and for all.

Herein lies my problem. When I was broke I'd scrounge up the minimum due, then I'd charge bills because I had no cash. So for about two years there was this vicious cycle of paying and maxing, paying and maxing. It was ridiculous.

The crazy thing is even though I'm making decent money, I haven't been able to break the cycle. Truth be told, I haven't even tried. I balanced my checkbook yesterday (aka logged into Bank of America's website) and realized that I have spent 33% of my YTD income on crapola.

You know what crapola is? Food. And yes of course alcohol, but mainly food. I am one of those morons who buys lunch every day, sometimes breakfast AND dinner, too. On average I definitely spend $10 a day. I'd say lately I'm spending close to $16.

Okay so yes I'm blonde, but HELLOOO!?!?! It doesn't take a genius to see that's the connection between my weight and financial issues. If I would just start bringing my lunch to work and eating breakfast and dinner at home, I'd be saving money and eating healthier.

I gotta say though, I love when someone else makes me a salad. I make salad at home too, but there's something about the rainbow of fresh veggies laid out behind the glass, the grilled chicken cut in perfect bite size pieces, the oil and lemon juice dressing the deli guy makes special for me (at least I pretend I'm the only one he makes it for)...god I need a life. I wonder when ANTM Cycle 9 starts.

Speaking of not having a life, I cancelled eharmony, haven't heard anything from FB, and actually did hear from Softball Pat Sunday night. He said he'd call this week, but whatevs. I'm thinking of entering a convent soon anyways. Better start calling me Sister Mary Thighs.

Wait, I think the holy water would burn my skin. Oooo! Maybe I'd rather be a vampire than a nun. Vampires are whores.

Nun. Vampire. Nun. Vampire.

This is the hardest decision I've made all day.

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