Wednesday, May 30

Two breakfasts and a Corona

Today I had cereal with orange juice for Breakfast 1. Notice I didn't say "with a glass of orange juice." FYI, o.j. is not a good milk substitute.

Breakfast 2 I had for lunch: a veggie omelet and bacon at the Moonstruck Diner. Moonstruck has good food and good portions, but is way over priced for a diner, even for midtown.

The Corona is my dinner. I just got back from a Company softball game and I gotta tell ya, beer and baseball go really well together. A couple peeps from the team wanted to go out, but I thought I'd be good and stay in. And by "be good and stay in" I mean "run home and check if FB emailed me back so that I know when and where we MIGHT be hanging out tomorrow night." Loser. Meaning me, of course.

Here are my options for the rest of this evening:

1. Keep computer on and incessantly hit CHECK MAIL on my Yahoo account until I pass out at my desk.

2. Dance for a few hours, shower, and then pass out in my bed without checking email for the rest of the night.

3. Continue to drink Coronas, then move to Stoli O in fridge, drunk dial/text/email FB and random other guys that I've fancied in the past, throw up because I had beer before liquor, and then cry and pass out on bathroom floor.

4. Rub down the pinto, cry tears of shame and joy, pass out sticky and warm.

5. All of the above.

I'm leaning towards the even options. In fact I could do 2 and 4 together. I really wish I didn't break my rabbit.

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