Wednesday, May 9

Take me out to the ballgame...

Woo hoo!! I got my Dodgers tickets today!

I know I wrote about my trip to California, but I don't think I explained why I was going to so many baseball games.

One life long goal of mine is to visit every ballpark in the country. No time limit, no set order. So far I've hit:

1. Mets at Shea
2. Yanks
3. Orioles at Camden Yards
4. Indians at Jacobs Field
5. Nationals at RFK
6. Brewers at Miller Park
7. White Sox at US Cellular Field
8. Cubs at Wrigley Field

This summer I'm going to:

9. Royals at Kauffman Stadium
10. Cardinals at Busch Stadium
11. Padres at Petco
12. Dodgers
13. Angels
14. Phillies at Citizens Bank Park

I always joke and say this is usually something a person does after they quit drinking and found Jesus, but I'm doing it anyway.

At this point I'm more a Mets fan only because I've been going to a lot of games now that I live in Queens. Also DaQ, one of my favoritest people in the world, has season tickets and is nice enough to bring me to a game about once a month.

When I go to other stadiums though I always cheer for the home team. It's more fun that way, plus it's an immediate in with the people sitting around you.

Oddly enough I'm seeing the Phillies three times this year: at home, at KC, and at SD. I'm not much of a Phan, but I'll score some points with Donovan this year if I pretend I care about them. Slick!

Wrigley was my hands down favorite. I got all choked up when I saw the field for the first time. If you are a fan of baseball, hell if you're just a fan of the movie A League of their Own, you should definitely make a trip to Chicago for a game. Fantastic.

Actually I think I might be missing one. I'm trying to remember where Fingerbang was...I'm pretty sure he was in Baltimore.

Whichever stadium it was, there was a beer vendor who made and wore a wrist brace that had an electric bottle opener for twist offs on top. It looked like a vibrator with no casing, so we nicknamed him Fingerbang. He was awesome.

The only other "rule" I follow is that I must get a hot dog and Cracker Jacks at every game. Word to the wise, there are no Cracker Jacks at RFK!! Blasphemy!

Oooo...and I'm always up for a trip to Fenway. I can't believe I haven't gone there yet. Spags, if your sis can get Boston tickets I am SO in.

I heart baseball.

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Anonymous said...

what about the Astros??