Wednesday, May 23

Well, well...

I rock.

My new job is so fucking fun. "Fun" for me is having to research a problem, find the solution, implement it, and then pass it on. Right now I'm learning how to set up direct deposit. Geekness: I created all of these fake invoices for testing in the dev environment, one for my friend Chewie who "expensed" $5,000 for an all night drink up with me. Thanks Company!!

Actually now that I think of it, check out Chewie's awesome new limited series Drain. Three words: lesbian vampire ninja.

Baby Spice:
I dated Psycho Joe when I was 19. One day his little sister and I were coloring when she said, "You look like Baby Spice!" I knew who the Spice Girls were but didn't really know them apart. His sister went running to her room, ripped down a poster, and practically smothered my face with it since she was so excited about the observation.

I couldn't believe it. I looked exactly like her at the time. Those were my club days back then so I wore glittery make-up, silly clips in my hair, lots of colorful bracelets and necklaces, wore pants with 36 inch bottoms. (Still have 'em.) I played it off like I was upset that my twin was a Spice Girl, but secretly I thought she was cute therefore making me cute.

Ten years later I don't think we look alike that much any more. She's all sexy and tan now while I'm sitting here wearing pajama shorts with little owls, moons, stars, and the phrase "nite owl" written all over them.

I do think it's still funny to use her as my profile picture, though. Maybe one day I'll put my real picture. Maybe.

I ended up calling him Monday night after a lovely dinner at Spag's, on my way to meet the guys at the Beer Garden. I thought I was nice and breezy (without saying so!) and am quite proud for not flipping out about it all week. He called back tonight!

We only talked for a few minutes, but he sounds really nice! We are both booked up until next week though so I probably won't have any news until next weekend. Fingers crossed!

Since I'm a loser I forwarded all of the emails between us to Rockstar for validation. She made a good point about them; I barely said anything about myself. Basically I said I liked beer, football, and the color blue. While I do feel that sums me up pretty well, I have an unfair advantage over this poor guy. I mean, FB's been writing his blog for three years. If I was nuts I could read the whole thing and analyze him to death before meeting for drinks. (To clarify, yes I am "nuts" but I am not "nuts-nuts". Dick.) You know why I haven't?? Because I really want to hear about his life from him, not from his blog. Cute, right?

So of course now I'm wondering if I should forward my blog to him. I came really close to emailing him the link right after our phone call, but I stopped myself. It's not that I'm embarrassed or anything, I just, I don't know, I just don't want to be my usual impulsive self anymore. Freud said you aren't an adult until you can delay gratification. Well I think I'm ready to become an adult, so I'm going to wait a few days and then make a decision. And no the adult me will not stop watching Spongebob.

I'm going to the shore with Spags and Rocks. Woo hoo! I love, love, love Seaside Heights. I can't help it. When I die my heaven would be to hang out on the Seaside Boardwalk sans anyone from Bayonne. And Staten Island. And Long Island. Okay, sans any guy that is shorter than me and/or wears a wife beater and track pants.

Anyways, I can't wait to swim, get some seafood, eat some Kohr's ice cream, play some skeeball and Target Terror/Area 51, and drink on Grandma Beach's porch.

And get this...I bought a bathing suit today and while I did buy shorts to wear over it I was not as disgusted with my legs as I usually am.

Well, well. I'm liking this whole liking myself thing I got going this week.

I rock.

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Heather said...

I love your 36" rave pants!!!!!