Wednesday, June 13

Missouri Trip Deets!

We came, we saw, we kicked Missouri's ass!!

The Wedding

Evan and Kimberly's wedding was the whole reason for the trip and I must say, it. was. perfect. They both looked so happy and beautiful!! The ceremony and reception was so them...laid back, cool, and tons of fun. They even got to hang out with everyone and enjoy themselves. Guests travelled from all over the country, which just goes to show what genuinely awesome people they both are!

The wedding also kicked ass because I got to hang out with old friends I haven't seen in awhile. I love it when it feels like no time has passed and you pick up right where you left off. It helps when the group are all hysterical, obnoxious partiers, too!

Ev and Kimberly, I had SUCH a great time. Congratulations and thanks again!

The Baseball Games

Kansas City Royals:
Kauffman Stadium has been around for about 35 years and it's still beautiful today. Tickets are pretty cheap, didn't seem to be a bad seat in the house. If you plan on visiting, definitely go before they renovate and on a Friday...they put on a kick-ass fireworks show that night every week.

Also to note, there is a great hill alongside the parking lot that you MUST roll down as well as a good spot by Section 125 for making out with a total stranger. I speak from experience on both points.

St. Louis Cardinals:
As you can see from my pics, the view at Busch was gorgeous. Definitely sit behind home in the upper decks, so you can take it all in. The stadium itself was really spacious and clean with a ton of bathrooms and vendors, but I was kind of disappointed with the overall look. There were way too many billboards and ads, barely any Cardinal signs or decorations. Maybe that's a chick thing to notice, but honestly, if it wasn't for the fans I wouldn't have realized I was in St. Louis.

In fact, I think Cardinal fans are the best ones I've met on my tour to date. They have so much respect and spirit for the team. Almost every person was wearing a Cards jersey or t-shirt and even when the Angels were kicking their ass, no one booed or fought about it. St. Louis is definitely a good-natured baseball city.

Other Weekend Highlights

Buttercup, our rented PT Cruiser:
Jess, Rockstar, and I did not stop screaming or singing 80s songs and showtunes the whole weekend. Missouri's got some fucked up billboards; I think Testicle Festival topped the list. From KC to St. Louis we played Dead Animal Bingo from Family Guy. (FYI: Foxes are not mythical creatures.) Best 12 hours in a car ever!

Don't Stop Believin':
This song was our anthem for the weekend. Every time one of us started to sing it, the whole group would scream it. Journey rocks!!

Our KC hotel bar waitress. You know you're awesome when your customers do your work for you by taking their own orders and bussing their own table. If I have kids, my daughter may be named Tessa.

Ohio John:
I don't know what the fuck is going on, but this is the third "ex" I've seen this year. The only flame from my past I haven't seen is Psycho Joe and if he pops up then it's official...the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are here.

John and Evan went to college together and it didn't occur to me that he would be at the wedding until I was on the plane. It was actually great to see him and catch up. The only time I felt weird was when he was dancing...I forgot how fucking hot he is. I mean HOT. He was dancing around all sweaty and well, HOT that I wanted to rip my dress off and take him right then and there. I've liked and loved lots of guys, but lusted only a few. Damn John, damn.

Beverly Hill Cops 2:
A great flick to watch when drunk at 2am. That's all.

Undies story 1. Rockstar wore a thong without pajama pants to bed every night. This could be the reason I had a dream that a cheerful prostitute was giving Rocks a breast massage by a public pool.

Undies story 2. On the way back to the airport I sat in the backseat. I was slightly uncomfortable in my jeans so I decided to take them off. I like wearing Hanes sporty underwear so it wasn't like my ass was hanging out or anything, but Rocks was pretty surprised when she turned around and saw me pantsless. "What...are you...are you NAKED!?!?

She snapped a pic of me in my britches, then hid her camera so that I wouldn't delete it. Unfortunately she hid it so well that it was left in Buttercup. This was the suckiest part of the trip. Keep your fingers crossed she gets it back on Friday...and that the person who finds it doesn't go blind seeing my albino lower half.

Who's Your TV Alter Ego?:
Buy it for your next trip. SOOOO much fun, great for cheering you up when your flight's been delayed for two hours.

And finally, My Fellow Travellers:
Rocks, Jess, Liz, Jason, and Amber...I had an absolute blast! Thanks for making Missouri fun!!


Bridget Rockstar!! said...

Hello drunkie - I only wore the thong to bed saturday night when dealing with heavy vomiting. Wore shorts the other two nights! (Jess is my witness 1st night)

Thighs said...

Really? Why was thong-ass a daily convo...maybe when you were dressing?

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

Yup, I walked around in my thong for five minutes while changing into wedding attire.

Maybe you just really like my taste in underwear? :)

the never-ending intern said...

i missssss you. can we hang out soon? maybe shopping at express? hehe. ps i hope you can figure out who this is between the express comment and the hint below. if you cant, youve officially killed to many brain cells ;)