Monday, June 4

Random Diary Entry: November 25, 1990

Dear Diary,

Today is November 25th. I didn't go to church today because I didn't feel good. But, then I went back to New York and visited my Uncle and Aunt and cousin David I told you about. My other grandmother was there, too. Nothing much interesting happened.

I was just reading the pages I wrote in this diary other days and I realized I sound like a stuck-up snob. I'm always whining about my love life. I'm really sorry. It's just that since this is a diary, I figured I should write anything I want in it.

I like Jonathan Brandis.
I like Jonathan Brandis.
I like Jonathan Brandis.
I like Jonathan Brandis.
I like Jonathan Brandis.
I wonder if I have homework.

I just thought of it. Oh well. I'll do it in school. I need pictures. I want to bring my camera to school and take pictures. Hey! I think I will!

You know how Melissa S. was having a birthday party? Well it was ok. Her brother is a dick. I hate him, Austin, Erik, and James a little. Ron is all over me. I'm not easy or anything, but he keeps running up to me and squishing me and pounding me to a pulp.

I got Melissa a $27.77 charm that says I(HEART)SOCCER in gold. My mom got real mad at me. Hey. It's my money.

Listen I gotta run. It's 10:30pm and I'm beat.


I (Heart) Jonathan

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Jennifer said...

Bwahahahahaha Jonathan Brandis!!! Awesome!!! I have a black and white picture of him in my kitchen (I have a collection of autographs b&w headshots) that I fake-signed to read "Hang in there! --Jonathan Brandis"


Aww...poor guy...