Tuesday, December 28

2010 Awesomeness

I'm three days early, so chances are I'll be writing a couple of 2010 year in review posts this week. To start...

2010 Awesomeness:

1. Finding out I no longer needed an implant, getting it removed, and still looking even. NATURAL, BITCHES!

2. Ran the 10K

3. Continued to track all of my spending habits down to the penny

4. Continued to live within my means! Fuck you, credit!

5. Bacon and I kicked the shit out of Astoria with multiple pub crawls

6. All of our quote book entries on said pub crawls

7. Juniper moved to Astoria making it my Town of Besties

8. Pints of Guinness at Doll's and the amazing friends I get to drink them with

9. Rolo introducing me to Stevie and Hugs (HOW CUTE!)

10. Crazy Ass, my new favorite bar where I met MD and a bunch of other new neighborhood friends

11. Trip to LA and San Diego to visit my brother and the Faces, four people I miss very much

12. Visits with The Bear family and Janey Pants, four more people I miss very much

13. Stone Brewery. Nuff said.

14. All of the new beers I tried this year, including Founders and Rogue's John John Juniper

15. The beer tasting parties

16. Tat, Banana, random guy on St. Patty's Day, Good Will Hunting, Mr. J, Mick, Pool, and MD. Half of these guys made me feel good about myself, the rest not so much. Either way, I am proud to say I was out there trying to find my lobster. Also, I believe this is the first time I can count all of the people I made out with in one year on only two hands.

17. I only had sex with two people this year, too. I'm practically a virgin!

18. Trip to Pittsburgh for my 17th ballpark. And Shartles and Linglestown for hours of entertainment.

19. My Tretorn sneakers. They may be fucking up my knees, but I love them. Here's a small pic of the hightops. I have the low ones:
20. As much as it hurt, I have to say the Donkey Down was pretty epic. I just got this text from Bucket who did not know I partook in such idiocy: "Just noticed your picture in Crazy Ass." Kind of cool in a teenage alcoholic way. Never again.

21. My 9/11 Post or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Stove

22. Holy shit, I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner... TACOQUEST!! I love tacos!

23. Greek yogurt. I had no idea it was so good.

24. Started watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, True Blood, Dexter, and How I Met Your Mother.

25. Finally watched Ken Burns: Baseball. I never did get around to writing a post about it, huh? Oh well. It was amazing. All baseball fans should watch it. I wasn't as impressed with The Tenth Inning though, probably because I lived it and it was depressing with all the steroids and bullshit.

26. Stopped biting my nails and they look so pretty!

27. No more cable!

28. Went to a Giants game for the first time in about 22 years. (When did I get old?)

29. Learned the word "lachrymose" and frequently use it to describe myself. (Thanks Hugs!) –adjective: given to shedding tears readily; tearful.

30. Joined the gym again. I haven't gone regularly yet, but I am going!

31. Gchat IMs with Bacon and Juniper. I wish I saved them because I know a few saved me. Thanks ladies.

32. Pokher night! Finally after 10 years of planning!

33. My Minnow friends. Tron, Breen, Ceej, and Bella are the only reason I haven't shot myself yet. Well, them and the fact I don't want to die.

34. THIGHS! Oh blog, I love you so! I'm very glad I got back into writing again. I missed it.

Okay, I'm going to stop here because I'm thinking about it now. All of the above came out organically. TWSS.

For the past couple of weeks I've been bitching that I just want this year to be fucking over. I gotta tell you, making a list like this has helped...

35. Paddy the bartender at Crazy Ass. SO HOT AND SO AWESOME.

me put this year in perspective. It wasn't a horrible year. Sure, shit happened. I cried A LOT, but of course I cried. Sometimes I forget I have depression, which you know what, is number 36.

36. This is the first full year in four years that I have not been on anti-depressants or in therapy. I probably needed both at times, but I made it through, thanks to you my supportive and patient friends.

I joked that 2010 was the Year of the Taco, Donkey, Beer, and Boob. I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to (Sexy, Simba, Something), but who cares. I had enough going on. In fact, a better name for 2010 is The Year of the Purge. I emotionally and tearductedly (manujaggered!) purged a lot of shit the past twelve months. Did I plan for ANY of what happened this year to happen? Nope. Is my life exactly how I want it to be now? Nope. Am I better off than I was in January? YEP.

That to me is a good year of lifing then. I'm ending it better than I was at the beginning.

2010, you definitely were a little minx.


literating said...

Sounds like you had a great year! I'm glad I got to participate in at least half of it in person! Miss you!

Heather said...

I save all the gchats if you ever want them. They're fucking premiere.