Thursday, December 16


Random things...

I broke my boob again. I'm so fucking annoyed with myself. On Thanksgiving I carried three heavy dishes and two six-packs the half mile to Bacon's apartment. The bag must have weighed at least 40 pounds. My arms were very sore the next day, but I thought, "Hey it was a work out! I'm so cool!" It didn't even occur to me that HELLO, I just had breast surgery three months ago and maaaaaybe I shouldn't be carrying something so fucking heavy. That's the problem with feeling good though - I forgot how shitty feeling bad can be.

Well I remember now. I seemed to have pulled my pectoral muscle, at least that's what the nurse and interwebs told me. The pain wasn't so bad the first week, but it's become progressively worse from the loose boob dangle. The girls are strapped in tight all the time now and I'm back to sleeping sitting up, both of which is ridiculously uncomfortable. The pain this week is the worst so far, probably because I have my period and my boobs are tender to begin with. It hurts so much that I don't know how I'm even typing. Dumb girl.

Besides the boob, I'm feeling much better. My three day hangover may have been accompanied by a cold as well. A couple of nights in did the trick. I wish I could say a couple of good nights' sleep, but no. Between Lefty and my noisy radiators I'm not well-rested. All I want to do is sleep!

I'm in a whiny grumpy mood right now, but good things are coming. I have a second interview at the consulting firm and two more interviews (one with Nun which is stupid) for the internal job tomorrow. Tomorrow night is Pokher, Saturday two holiday parties, and Sunday I'm going out to watch the Giants game with some of my Bird guy friends I haven't seen in a while. I don't want to feel like shit anymore, so I decided I am going to lay off alcohol until New Year's. Maybe I'll have one or two beers, but I am definitely not getting drunk. Every year I get sick for the holidays and I refuse to get sick this time. Refuse, damn it!

Not sleeping is making me a little crazier than usual this week. I feel lightheaded again, but it's probably the combination of anxiety and the speed at which I devoured my three taco lunch. I've decided 2010 was the year of the taco (year in review post to come) and I'm toying with 2011 being a Ribquest. We shall see. The brilliance of a Tacoquest is in its ease and cheapness. Ribs will be much more expensive and requires planned ventures to sit down restaurants. Maybe falafel is better...

My two bosses are out today. I'm enjoying the quiet. It's been a long week despite the fact I've only worked three days.

I finally got a haircut last night. I went to a new place and the girl did exactly as I asked by keeping the front long and cleaning up the back. I just want it to grow out already! I did something dumb, though. The stylist was in the bathroom when I was leaving, so I gave her tip to the receptionist. A half a block later I almost turned back to make sure she got it, but I didn't. Oh well. She lives in Astoria and seemed like a big mouth drunk (sound familiar?), so if I run into her I'm sure she'll bitch me out. I'll buy her a shot to make amends. Ugh. Shots.

What else what else what else....

I'm still sad about MD, but that's to be expected considering it's only been a week since we officially broke it off, I haven't had time to reflect, and I like beating myself with a dead horse. I miss him even though I never had him. Oh well.

Here's hoping this time next month I'll be completely over him, I'll have a new job, my boob won't hurt, and my hair is an inch longer.

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