Tuesday, December 7


Today I had my first interview in three years. It was strange for a few reasons...

1. I still don't have that impulsive GET THE FUCK OUT vibe I had when I left my last four positions. I don't know if this means that I'm complacent in my thirties or just less impulsive than my twenties.

2. When I left Company I didn't have a new job lined up. It was the dumbest decision of my life, yet it worked out for the most part. This means I haven't casually looked for a new job in almost six years.

3. I'm still not sure what I want to do. All I know is I want to get out of debt STAT. The first step was to stop charging. The next step is to increase my income. My plan is to pay off my debt, save for a year, go on a world tour, and then go back to school for art therapy. If I go after money, I should be able to do the first three things by the time I'm 36, which means I should be done with grad school by 40. Wait...how old am I? AM I THAT CLOSE TO 40?? Yikes.

4. The guy I interviewed with is a goddamn unreadable mute character like MD. He was super nice and warm, yet I have no idea what he thought of me AT ALL. Am I that bad with reading people? Why can't everyone be mutant-skinned emotional loudmouths?

5. The position is completely different than any other I've had. I'd be working for a consulting company with only ten other people who are spread all over the country. I'd either work from home or at my client's office. I can't imagine working for home, but I'm probably better off considering I never seem to get along with my direct bosses.

Ugh. I want to keep writing, but I'm a bit buzzed. Tonight was the going away party for the girl who is leaving the internal job I applied for, so I have a few beers in me. (That sentence has a lot of words.) A blah blabba blah blabba blah blah blah.

To be continued...

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