Wednesday, December 29

Merry Christmas!

Duh. I jumped right into my year in review post without mentioning Christmas!

Last Wednesday I was sick. I was feeling a lot better by the time Rippie got here Thursday morning. Our tradition for the past four years has been to spend a day in Manhattan before heading to my parents' house. Unfortunately this was a rough year for him so he was really looking forward to going straight to NJ Thursday afternoon. I was not happy about it. He and I have very different views on Jackson. For him, it's home. For me, it's shit. I never liked it there and can't wait for my parents to move back to NY in a couple of years.

I begrudgingly went with him a day early. I'm glad I did. We took the train to New Brunswick to meet my dad, then later on that night we went out to a bar called Surf Taco with a bunch of his home fries. Surprisingly the place had a nice beer selection: Stone, Troegs, Rogue. Even more surprising - I did not eat any tacos. We ended the night with Wawa subs at 2am instead. Wawa is one of the few things I miss about NJ, the other two being Seaside and malls for one stop shopping. Is that really it? Hmmm...yep. I had fun.

The next day I went shopping for presents (totally procrastinated this year), then gorged at the house until it was time for Midnight Mass to hear my dad sing in the choir. It means a lot to him that we go. I wish it meant more to me.

I like this church because it reminds me of a stegosaurus. I don't like it for three reasons. One, religious people scare me. Two, the statue of Jesus hanging up front is disturbing. He looks like he was barbecued too long. Three, I always see people from high school. This was the first year I saw an ex-best friend though. Not "ex" in a bad way, we just grew apart after junior year. She lives with another ex-best friend that I haven't seen in about geez, eight years maybe? I was invited to come hang out at their place that night, but I politely declined. Maybe I'd hang out with them if they came up to the city or something, but I have no interest in hanging out in Jackson. I don't mean it to be snobby, I just don't feel like myself when I go there. NYC is my home now.

On Christmas Day I stayed in pajamas and didn't move from the couch, except to play my dad's drums and eat dinner in the dining room. My parents were uber generous this year. My mom kept saying it's because next year they won't be able to splurge now that she retired. Whatever the reason, it was super nice and unexpected. In fact, the whole weekend was great. I laughed more than I have with them in a while. The stress and drama of my boob surgery the past four months made me forget that my folks are pretty cool and silly. For example, my mom wanted to take a picture of my dad's asscrack, which is funny enough. It was extra funny when she held the camera backwards and only realized it when she tried to focus and ended up zooming the lens into her eye. I laughed for a good ten minutes partly because it was hysterical, but mostly because we're both really smart dumb blondes.

The only hiccup was when my dad and I were watching Love Actually and the DVD shut off. It probably only took five minutes for my dad to fix it, but my impatience kicked in and I almost murdered him. I don't know what happened! All of a sudden the flames rose up in my face, my Irish blood boiled and I almost flipped my shit. I may have learned reactive rage from my mom, but this time it was all me. Luckily I kept my cool (?) by doing lamaze. I don't even think my dad noticed. PHEW. And more importantly, my mom didn't notice either. If she did she would have fed and it would have been ugly. DOUBLE PHEW.

But again it was a great weekend! My dad was nice enough to drive me home early Sunday morning before the snow storm. Man, did we get hit. NY1 said Astoria got 17 inches (heh), but it looks like we got a lot more. I stayed in until I went to the gym Monday afternoon (yay!). I love the city after it snows, especially before a lot of people are out. Then the streets turn into filthy crumb cakes.

What else....the office is empty this week. I get out at 3pm tomorrow and we're closed Friday. Two and a third day work week! Yay!

I'm 98% over MD. We hung out last Sunday and texted a few times last week. I know I'm nearing the end because this is the first time in four months I want to date other guys. Seriously, I have not been interested in anyone else but him. I'm ready now. The lingering 2% is his fault. He made a comment that he might come back from Pittsburgh three days earlier, so that he can come to Crazy Ass on New Year's Eve. Now, he didn't actually say "so we can be together on New Year's Eve" but the seed was planted. As over him as I believe I am (I am, Juniper!), I'm interested to see if he shows. Of course now with flights being fucked he probably can't change his, but whatever. I almost rather he doesn't come back earlier. I don't want to take any of my 2010 baggage into 2011 goddamn it. Plus who knows, maybe I'll end up kissing someone new at midnight.

Someone not new - I saw Donovan at the Company Christmas party a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I have to write about him since he's the reason I started Thighs. I don't really have anything to say about it, except I'm still ridiculously attracted to him. Sweat was pouring out of my head the minute I said hi to him. It was kind of gross actually. Hmmm, it could have been food sweats though. I did eat a ton that day. Whatevs. He's still hot. The end.

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