Wednesday, December 22

I need answers

My scratchy throat turned into a cough, cold, and possible ear infection, so I stayed home today. I guess I should have forced myself to go in since I already planned to take off tomorrow and Minnow is closed Friday and Monday, but whatevs. Six day weekend, WOOT!

This morning I got up around 9am, watched Toy Story 3 (kind of intense, right?), napped, watched another four hours of random television, and here I am now. I have some questions that need to be answered:

1. What are Wendy Williams measurements?

2. When did Maury just say fuck it and only cover paternity tests?

3. How many people really get cars as Christmas presents?

4. Why can't we leave Lindsay Lohan alone? She's only 24 for crying out loud!

5. Why is the media harping on Spider-Man the musical? Don't they have anything else to focus on? And for fuck's sake, he has a hyphen.

6. Why do people like Dancing with the Stars?

7. Do TBS and My9 know they both air King of Queens at 6:30pm? Seems dumb. So is the show.

8. Why did people watch Everyone Loves Raymond? That show fucking sucks! They are all mean and horrible to each other. If you take out the laughtrack it will have a whole new meaning, ala Garfield minus Garfield.

9. Why is that Regis and Kelly girl doing crappy A&P/Waldbaum commercials?


Okay, the only questions I really care about are 1 and 10. I have to keep waiting on 10, but here is what I found online about Wendy: 5/11, either 40DD or 40FF (I'm thinking FF), 40-30-40.

Now I can sleep.

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