Monday, December 6

Jettin' It Old School

I haven't had cable in eight months, but I still get network channels.

Tonight is the huge AFC East Jets vs. Patriots game on ESPN. Luckily any New York Monday Night Football games also air on My9 for us cheapies/recovering-shit-TV-addicts.

Guess what?

Tonight is also the first night I don't have sound on channel 9. BAH!

I would go out and watch the game, but I have my interview tomorrow. No way I'm staying out late and/or drinking.

I decided to kick it old school by listening to 1050 AM while the game is on the telly in non-controllable mute. There's a delay so it's kind of annoying, but I must say this is pretty fucking funny...

P-O-O-P! Poop Poop Poop!

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