Saturday, December 4

Thanks Universe!

I don't have any food in my apartment (per usual), so I debated whether or not I should get ribs or tacos. Ribs won, then lost as Caravan Chicken ran out of them. I begrudgingly (lie) went to Tacos Mexico for some lovin'.

While I waited for the food I walked to the bank and a nearby deli with a hop in my step. I feel GOOD. I know it's going to take some time to get over MD, but today I am a-okay.

On my walk home not even ten minutes ago, the universe did something nice for me. I ran into Pool, the guy I went on a couple of dates with back in September. It was really nice to see him. He reminded me of two things:

One, there are guys I like to hang out with but don't want to date, so I can't really blame MD for not wanting to be with me. I can blame him for being a pussy, though.

Two, I am awesome. Pool was really, really into me. I deserve nothing less.

Thanks Universe!

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