Thursday, December 30

I got the job!

I was offered the consulting gig! WOO HOO!

Now, decisions. Racing thoughts:

It's a 25% increase in salary, plus a 5-10% bonus at year-end.

I still don't know the exact cost of my insurance, the details of the policy, etc.

I'd have to pay for my Metrocard out of pocket instead of through the pre-tax program I'm enrolled in now. That's an extra $104 a month, but if I'm working from home most of the time I might not need an unlimited 30-day pass anymore.

Will I have time for a social life?

Will I have time for a dating life?

OH MY GOD. Giving my two week notice at Minnow on Monday WOULD BE AMAZING.

Where would I go for my first project?

I have to buy nice work clothes. I hate having to buy new clothes when I gained holiday weight because I know I'll lose it in a couple of weeks. Damn.

Am I up for a challenge?

SHIT. This is so awesome. I'm so proud I was offered the gig!! It's nice to know I'm marketable! YAAAYYY ME!!

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