Sunday, July 15

I side with... has an election quiz to help you determine which election candidate you relate to the most.  

I'm not surprised I sided with Obama, but I am surprised I sided with Republicans on one issue.  I'm also surprised there's candidates I never heard of, not because I am so informed, but because the media doesn't seem to care about them. Too bad it's still a two-party system...

My results:

I side with Barack Obama on most issues in the 2012 Presidential Election.

Candidates you side with...

86% Barack Obama on economic, social, domestic policy, foreign policy, environmental, science, and immigration issues.

79% Jill Stein on domestic policy, social, foreign policy, environmental, and science issues.

70% Stewart Alexander on domestic policy and social issues.

37% Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on immigration issues.

88% New York Voters on economic, social, domestic policy, healthcare, foreign policy, environmental, science, and immigration issues.

81% American Voters on healthcare, foreign policy, immigration, science, and environmental issues.

Who you side with by party...

86% Democratic

79% Green

43% Libertarian

37% Republican

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