Monday, July 9

Weight the fuck?

I read this article on Jezebel, which lead me to this website.

What is pro-ana and pro-mia?  I didn't know either...turns out they are the promotion of anorexia and bulimia, respectively.  WHAT. THE. FUCK.

I am half surprised, half not surprised. There's a movement/website for everything, why not eating disorders?  I really don't get it though.  They are encouraging low self-esteem, illness, and death.  The website SkinnyGossip is promoting intolerance and hate.  You can be a proud thin person without being verbally abusive to overweight people.  Why not promote positivity and good health instead?

I'll admit I am judgmental at times.  If I see an obese person I want to go all Jillian Michaels on them and scream, "Stop killing yourself!".  When I see super skinny women I think they are weak and unfuckable. Obviously I'm not above being mean, but I am not promoting my behavior.  I am wrongly projecting my insecurities about my body and unhealthy lifestyle, which makes ME the asshole, not them.

It's interesting I read these articles today.  I woke up this morning feeling confident I can get into slammin' shape this summer.  I'm at 170 now and while I would like to get down to 155 again (in a HEALTHY way) I have new goals that aren't dependent on the scale:

1.  Fit back into my size 10 Gap jeans and The Dress, the $300 strapless Max Azria dress that I'm hoping to wear to Socks' wedding in October. 

2. I can get The Dress on, but it doesn't look flattering because of my flabby upper arms.  This is goal two; I want to firm my arms and thighs.  I'm sick of my chubby appendages!!

3. Move at least five days a week.  Tonight I'm walking the five miles home.  Tomorrow I'm going for a run in the morning (if it's not too hot). Wednesday yoga. Thursday kickboxing.  Saturday I'm planning to do a Brooklyn Day, so that will be a lot of walking, too.

4.  If I was able to change my diet out of fear last year, then I need to be brave enough to do it again this year.  I know what I can eat, I know what I'm capable of, and I know once I set my mind to do this I will succeed!!

Wish me luck!

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