Tuesday, July 10

Joy to the world!

I had my annual checkup with my doctor this morning.  It is so, so, SO incredibly nice to feel good and be healthy!!  Dr. B was very happy for me.  I am, too!!  Yes, I want to lose weight and stop binge drinking, but you know what's great about these two "issues"?  I'VE HAD THEM FOREVER!!  Nothing is new!  I am not falling apart! Yay!  What a difference a year makes. : )

Other fantastic news...guys, it's on. Like REALLY on.  I am madly in love with my boyfriend and I know he is madly in love with me!!  I am in awe of how wonderful things are between us.  I didn't know it was possible to fall more in love with someone every time you talk to or see them.  Gosh, I have so many examples that I don't know which one to share...

Okay, sometimes MDLL will text me asking what he should have for dinner, which is funny because I am the LAST person to give meal suggestions.  If I'm home my dinner is usually carrots, hummus, and a rice cake.  He always makes fun of me for it, which is ironic since his dinner is usually pizza or chinese.  We were text-teasing each other about being world class chefs last night. After a couple of zingers I wrote, "I can't wait for us to cook together all of the time. I think we'd make a great team." and he responded with "I think you're right!" ADORABLE. This is the worst anecdote of all time.

OHOHOHOHOH!!  MDLL came to my cousin's Fourth of July party on Saturday.  It was so fun!! We had a great time sweating (so hot!), playing beer pong, and stuffing our faces.  My parents were hysterical (Juniper!) and treated MDLL perfectly.  My mom asked if he was having fun/had fun at LEAST six times.  I am so glad we've moved past the drama. Now we can be one big happy family!


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