Thursday, April 19

End of May

End of mother fucking May. That's what Soaps told me today.

I am so fucking pissed right now. If all I was to Soaps was a fucking number cruncher than I am TOTALLY sure he easily find someone to replace me. Why are they doing this??

On a happier note, Melissa S. got kicked off of Search for the Next Pussy last night. She was so mean to my girl Chelsea that I cheered when she had to hang up her boa. I thought it was odd that no one seemed to remember that Melissa S. was on Making of the Band 3 and lost that too... that a happier note or an even sadder note? LOL!

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Julie said...

I'm sorry lady! they suck! and so does melissa S. I was thrilled when she got kicked off too! she was SO MEAN to Chelsea. completely unnecessary.