Sunday, April 15

Judge Dread

I am dreading going to work tomorrow. I feel like I'm in high school again and one of the following has or will happen:

1. I am going to get beat up by my locker.

2. The guy I like found out I like him.

3. The guy I like has a new girlfriend and I'll see them together all day.

4. I didn't study for a test and will fail.

5. My best friend and I are mad at each other.

I'd love to go into work tomorrow and beat the shit out of everyone. I've got a lot of rage, people. I am curiously strong for someone who doesn't work out and curiously angry for someone with a good life.

I think I need to hang out with my Company friends this week to remind myself that there's a lot of good people there. We can go out for lunch, dinner, or drinks. Maybe I should just start drinking now. It's 1:30 on a rainy Sunday, I could have a drink and not feel like a loser. I could have a few drinks and not feel anything.

Or even better, I could do something nice for myself like workout, read a book, do some logic puzzles (which I lurve!), rub down the pinto, color, watch a movie...

YEAH! I'll stop thinking about work and do something positive for myself today. Yaay for me!

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