Tuesday, April 3

Warrior goddess

I've begun to imagine myself as a warrior goddess. My hair is mid-way down my back in beautiful blonde curls. I'm wearing an iridescent blue-green robe that flows as if it was made of water. I carry an adamantium shield and sword (snootches), sometimes switching the shield for a glowing orb if I feel a heightened sense of intuition.

Once I've fully imagined how I look, I immediately feel my heart and soul change. I carry myself taller, I walk stronger, I radiate this warmth and beauty that I have never, ever thought possible. I begin to feel how we are all connected and understand that to know myself within this connection is where I'll find peace.

I imagine this on the way to the office, in meetings, whenever I feel the need. I'm actually doing it right now. I know there will be a time when I don't have to consciously put on my imaginary war garb to feel this way.

You know what? I can't fucking wait.

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