Monday, February 4

Free as a birdswallow!

Today was my first day at Minnow. I've been crying for the last hour and a half, but this time around they are tears of joy.

I got a job.
I'm going to SVA.
I'm going to be a writer and artist.
I'm going to start my own publishing company.
I'm going to do everything and anything I have ever wanted!!!

Holy crapoly. I feel so free right now...I've never felt this way before in my whole entire life.

No boat comment here, B. I'm serious*.

Free at last!! Shizza almighty!! I'm free at last!!

*B says I forget I've felt/did a lot of things. Her favorite...

ME: "yada, yada...and I've never even been on a damn boat before either."

B: "What?"

ME: "What-what? I've never been on a boat before."

B: "Ummm yeah you have. With me."

ME: "When?"

B: "Let's see. The rafting trips, the booze cruise, the Staten Island ferry. And you even told me you were on one at Bacon's family reunion."

Me: "Ohhhhh....riiiight..."

Brain cells? I have none.

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