Saturday, February 16

Shitter was full.

Physical health update:

Despite having the flu over Christmas and the recent headcold, I must say I've been feeling pretty darn good lately. Both Cicely the Cyst and the pain in my ovary have been gone for awhile. If I ever do have sex again (anyone? anyone?) I'll be interested to see how my side feels afterwards. Let's hope I'm just as interested in the guy attached to the penis.

Speaking of sex, I pulled a hammy rubbing down the pinto the other day. I figure this means I'm either really out of shape or really bored. Heck maybe I'm both. I bought the Leg Magic workout machine a couple weeks ago. I haven't gotten into a routine yet, but it works really well. Who knows, maybe one day I'll have gorgeous legs and have to give myself a new blog name after a different body hang-up. I wonder if Spider Vein Sighs is available.

My stomach issues are pretty under control. The minute I know I went overboard my body sort of shuts down. Perfect example was Bridget's chili at the Boobie Bowl. I think I went comatose for most of the third quarter. It's nice to finally listen to my body, I'm much more aware of when I'm full or when I'll pay for eating something later.

The one bad thing about it: pooping isn't as much fun as it used to be. It's become a rather boring chore since my colonoscopy. Apparently my shitter was full. Siiighh...I miss the death defying defecation of months past. My post-beer and Oreo morning farts will have to do. They are NASTY.

Mental health update:

I'm including my hypothyroidism in this part because I've felt absolutely fantastic since the diagnosis. I seriously think it played a big role in my mental breakdown. I mean I'm definitely fucking bonkers, but having an underactive thyroid on top of depression is like breaking a paralyzed person's leg. Both unnecessary and uncool. The good news is that I've been on Synthroid for five months now and my TSH levels are in a normal range. Yay me!

I've also decided to wean myself off of Zoloft while I'm taking the Synthroid. I don't want to be on it anymore, especially if I'm not going to therapy. I stopped going to Cee in November and I think therapy and meds are a package deal. I've learned so much about myself and made SO many breakthroughs in the past two years (half of which I didn't even write about), I can't imagine doing it all without both Cee and Auntie D.

Of course most people don't need medication, but I strongly feel that every person should go to therapy at least once in their life. I loved every minute of it. Why'd I quit then? It was time. I knew I could handle being fucking bonkers on my own. For now anyways.

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