Friday, February 15

I think I'm drunk.

I was out with Company friends tonight. So very good to see all of them! I hadn't seen some peeps since I left...gosh I can't believe it's been almost two months already.

Drank waaaaay too much. And by "too much" I mean 5 beers. Yes, five. Nowadays I usually only drink until a specific part of my face turns red. It's the area down the sides of my face to my chin, sort of like a beard. When my Beer Beard comes I know it's time to stop, but unfortunately I ignored it and went for one more. I have an excuse for giving in though...Donovan was there. (I didn't say it was a good excuse.)

I think I'm drunk. I kind of forget what it's like. Let's see, one eye open? Check. Stomach gurgles? Check. Randomly typing? Check. Pants off? Check. Okay then, it's settled. I'm drunk.

On the subway home I was feeling a little sad, but definitely not as sad as I used to get about him. In fact maybe it wasn't sad as much as bummed? Ho hum? Hos giving hummers? I don't know. Just like, not happy.

I've only been in a relationship once on Valentine's Day which really isn't that shocking considering I've only had 2.25 boyfriends my whole life. While I don't mind the holiday at all, I do wish I was dating someone. Then again I sort of wish that every day lately so it's nothing new. I'm sure this is why I was bummed about Donovan tonight though. That and I'm a psycho.

It wasn't until I got home that I realized something so friggin stupid. I mean, lots of things are stupid when it comes to me and guys, but this one is pretty funny. Here I was feeling bad about being single, not having any prospects, and Donovan still not being attracted to me when all a sudden a stupid number popped into my head.

What was the number? 4. Four of the guys at the bar tonight had liked me at some point over the past three years, one of them being the .25 in my boyfriend count. So HELLO?? I'm not doomed to walk the earth alone, I just haven't found my fish yet. And HELLO AGAIN (sans Shelly Long), Donovan is REALLY missing out. I truly believe this now.

So yes while some DDA is long overdue, I'm perfectly fine ending my night alone. And honestly, I don't want to share my Oreos!

Apparently this new tradition is here to stay. I didn't realize I got Double Stuf until I snapped this pic. Awesome.

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Girl said...

I was worried about you and Donovan tonight, glad you're *mostly* okay. I was also thinking too that you kissed more guys there than I did...that's usually MY thing, but I only had one! ;-) hehe