Friday, February 8

I'm employed!!

I have a cold again. I wrote and edited this post three times before realizing I wasn't making any sense. Not that I ever do anyways, but I try. This time I'm not going to bother, my head hurts too much to think. So here is an update on my first week at Minnow, written without proofin'. Enjoy if you can.

Minnow is sort of operationally fucked. Redundant and inefficient workflows, bad data sources, and the "it's always been done this way" answer for everything. I don't understand it at all. Luckily for me (and probably them too), I don't care. My main responsibility is to analyze our inventory levels at multiple warehouses and figure out ways to get rid of the excess. That's it. And I couldn't be happier. Here's why:

1. I love validating and analyzing data.

2. Nerdiest statement of my life: I find supply chain absolutely fascinating. (To clarify, this does not make me an actual nerd as my equal fascination with poop balances things out nicely.)

3. My bosses Tennis and Claw are super nice guys. I'll only really be dealing with them, except for sending out reports to senior management. This is great considering I have finally accepted the fact that I hate people. The fewer I have to deal with, the better.

4. I left at 5pm every day this week. I'll definitely stay late to make a deadline or help Tennis, but I refuse to make it a regular occurence. In my opinion, people who consistently stay late are either poorly managing their time/workload or avoiding their personal lives. I know I was doing both at Company for a while.

5. I'm in Rock Center! It's so New York.

6. Despite feeling rundown with the cold today, I felt energized all week. The days I had both work and class are very long, but I know I'll manage. I won't let this job get in the way of my goals.

7. Starting over at a new company made me realize I am one smart cookie! I'm amazed at how much I know about publishing and how quickly I learn new things.

8. Minnow offers free coffee in a variety of flavors, a supply closet filled with basic necessities, and a lot of activities and events to encourage a friendly and healthy work environment. This is very important to me. I find a little goes a long way, especially when it comes to improving company morale.

9. Free books! I forgot about that.

10. And last but certainly not least, SUMMER FRIDAYS! There's a rumor that Minnow may not have them this year, though. I sure hope they do!

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