Sunday, August 5

A Night to Remember

Last Sunday I considered not drinking for the month of August.  I've been wasted since Thursday.

Last night at Juniper's BBQ I drank and smoked some really good weed.  So fun!!  Of course I don't remember much after MDLL and I left.  I remember making a super strong screwdriver and taking it into the cab.  Then I woke up and started piecing the night together.

A container of chili was in the kitchen.  We went to Crazy Ass and got nachos to go?!!??

Half eaten nachos were in the living room along with two empty taco containers and two empty bottles of cider.  We had a feast!?!?!?

I was wearing MDLL's t-shirt and shorts, but no underwear.  When I went to the bathroom my underwear and bra were hanging on the back of the door.  I had taken a shower, which isn't rare in the summer.  My skin gets really hot, so I usually take a super cold shower for a couple of minutes to cool off. I call it an arctic blast.

I get back in bed and told MDLL my findings.  He wasn't as messed up as I was, so he filled me in.

We got into a cab and I kept chanting "Nachos! Nachos! Tacos! Tacos!"  We get to the bar and bicker for a few minutes because I want to bring my drink in.  He said I can't, I said what's the big deal, and walk in.  My drink was in a red cup, the international symbol of drinking alcohol (why don't they make plastic cups look like pint glasses?) so everyone knew I brought a drink in.  I take a glass from behind the bar and poured it in.  As MDLL put it, I am one class act.

For some reason the nachos took FOREVER.  I kept trying to leave and the bartender had to remind me to wait for my food like seven times.

That was all MDLL remembered.  I asked about the shower.  He assumed it was for an arctic blast, too.

It was not.

There are two doors into his building.  At the inside door right below the step was a pile of puke.  SOMEHOW I SLIPPED AND FELL INTO SOMEONE'S VOMIT.

I remember it getting on my arm. I also remember two other people there witnessing it.  What the fuck!?!?!  Who steps in puke and falls in it!?!?  I must have seen it, was I so fucked up I couldn't step over it???  GEEZ!!

I called MDLL and laughed like a crazy person (I am a crazy person) for five minutes straight.  Oddly enough there wasn't any puke on my clothes except for a little spot by the waistband of my capris.  I don't know how that happened unless I slid into it on my belly.  SO GROSS.

A night to remember...

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