Wednesday, August 8

Fast Times!

This week has gone by uber fast.  No, I wasn't drunk again. In fact, I haven't had a drink since brunch on Sunday.  Yay!

I've been in Rochester with my boss for the past few days, which is NOT the reason I've been sober. Iron is so fun; I know she was itching to get wasted.  I was good and detoxed instead.  I'm giving my body a rest from the booze in preparation for Atlantic City this weekend.  Hurrah!!

I'm at the airport waiting to fly home now.  I feel so blessed to have such a great boss and a job that allows me room to breathe.  They have a call in twenty minutes with a potential HUGE client that I thought was in NYC, but is based in LA.  I would have to do a ton of travelling back and forth.  This makes me sad because I'll miss MDLL, but at least I'll be able so see my brother a lot!  There's a possibility I might be out there for eight weeks straight, so I may even get an apartment rather than live in a hotel.  We shall see.  Fingers crossed Biz gets it!!!

Tonight I have to go home and do some homework for a focus group.  Do you remember the dental hygiene one?  Well, almost a year to the day I was called to do another one.  What is it?  Wait for it..................

GLUTEN FREE BEER!  Woot!!  I'm so psyched!  I stick with cider and vodka, so it will be fun to try some GF beer.  My homework is to pretend I am buying alcohol for a party, write down what I would get and how I would feel about it, then take pictures of the product.  I get paid $50 for doing the homework and another $125+ for sitting through the two hour session tomorrow afternoon.  Sweet!!  Maybe I'll be rejected again and pocket the money. Doubly sweet!!

Tomorrow night I'll probably go to kickboxing.  I'm not sure yet as I'm FINALLY getting tired of doing so many activities lately.  I might stay in tomorrow and chill before AC.  I need it!! After this weekend I am done with buying new Groupons for a while.  This is what I have left: GF pizza at Mozzarelli's (need to use ASAP), karaoke (9/15), a survival camp class (9/25), a yoga hike with Juniper, two bike rentals, and a boat ride around the city for two.  As for other funness, I have the Color Run (8/26), NFL Run (8/30), Jay-Z (10/1), Socks' wedding (10/14), and Steelers vs. Giants game (11/4).  I AM NOT MOVING THE REST OF THE YEAR!!

Okay I'm boarding!! See ya in NYC!

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