Friday, August 3


My two cents on the Chick-Fil-A hoopla:

I am part liberal, democrat, and socialist, so obviously I don't agree with CFA's values.  I can't fathom hating a person based on their race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. I also can't fathom being so wrapped up in another person's lifestyle choices when they have nothing to do with me. WORLDMEWORLD

That being said, everyone has the right to their opinion and the freedom to donate to whatever charity they deem as worthy.  What I don't understand is the choice to be ANTI something rather than FOR something.

Wouldn't it be a much nicer idea to donate your money to young hetero couples who are struggling to have kids, pay medical bills, or afford a home?   How about donating to a charity that gives free marital advice to hetero couples with the hopes of reducing the divorce rate?   At least then your motivation is helping people you feel comfortable supporting rather than taking from or condemning people you don't understand.

Be driven by love, not hate!!

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