Tuesday, August 21

My mentor, my brother.

My brother is my political and current events mentor.  I never paid attention in history or social studies because not only was it boring as hell, but it also sounded like a bunch of bullshit.  When I did take an interest in the world, it hurt too much.  All of the unnecessary pain and suffering made me feel helpless and overwhelmed, so I put my head in the sand, body in the bar, and focused on MEMEME. 

This is the first time I've paid any attention to what is going on.  Obviously it's pretty easy to now with the interwebs, but it seems even easier to feel helpless and overwhelmed again, too.

Take this week for example.  White men in positions of power are debating women's health and rights, redefining the word "rape" and making up shit that science has already proven otherwise.  It both scares and baffles me how these men are capable of thinking like this, getting away with it, and supported by some of the public.  Why a woman, minority or poor person would vote Republican is beyond me. 

I don't understand how people can be so cruel, so thoughtless, so close-minded, and so harmful to our society in this day and age.  I was IMing Rippie telling him how upset all of this makes me and he responded with this:

there will always be differences between the two sides in this country. politically, socially, etc. Thats the point. the difference is that we have to be honest about what their actual positions are and be informed and decide. if you feel like you are less ignorant than you are in the past, you are probably right, because everyone is actually sharing information and trying to inform each other right now. imagine this attack on womens rights pre-internet and facebook. would we even know in time? This is a gift. enjoy it. and get mad and vote your fucking brains out.

"This is a gift."  I love this.  It IS a gift.  My whole life is a gift.  Yes, at times it seems hopeless and feels like the country is going to shit, but you know what?  Nothing's changed.  The Civil War was a 150 years ago; I'm sure we'll be arguing for another 150 years.  Will the Red and Blue States ever blend to create an empowered and united Purple Country?  Only time will tell.  Until then I plan to stay educated, informed, and vote my fucking brains out, just like my mentor said.

Thanks Rip.  You made me feel a lot better.

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