Monday, August 20


My day of nothing turned into a day of yes to lots of things!!

Friday night MDLL and I went shopping down in Union Square.  I saw this bird picture below at, of all places, TJ Maxx.  I liked the colors, but thought it was dumb. "Put a bird on it!"  By the next morning, I had to go back and get it. It's so pretty!

Our day:

J.G. Melon's for bloody marys and burgers on 74th and 3rd Ave

Union Square for DSW, the new Forbidden Planet location (much bigger!), Daffy's, Rosa Mexicano for pomegranate margaritas and appetizers, then finally, the bird picture.

The Frying Pan on Pier 66 and 26th Street.  It's a bar on a docked boat.  Such a lovely day to be on the water at sunset!

Walked a few blocks on the Highline, then went to Hill Country for dinner since MDLL hadn't been to either place.

Last, but not least, a vanilla milkshake from Schnipper's near Madison Park since the Shake Shack line was too long.  For some reason you can't buy shakes in the B-line...

It was a glorious day spent with my two loves, MDLL and Manhattan.  Yay for me!!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

That's such an awesome day! I'm so jealous!!