Monday, January 3

2011, Holy Shit

Drumroll please...

I accepted the consulting gig! Hooray!! Thanks to everyone who listened to my concerns and gave me such good advice.  An extra big thanks to Furbie, who helped me make my final decision yesterday.  I was on the fence all weekend and he made me climb it.  Or jump off it?  Whatever.   Let's hope I don't rip my jeans on the way down.

A gave my notice to Minnow this morning.  It wasn't as fun as I imagined it would be only because I got some weird stomach bug/possible reaction to a food allergy at Juniper's party Saturday night.  IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING.  I ate a lot when I got there - chocolate cupcake, pizza, hummus with chips, a few sips of espresso vodka, and a Sierra Nevada - and WHAM.  I got hot flashes, the sweats, lightheaded, and I couldn't eat or drink anything except water the rest of the night.  It SUCKED.  Yesterday I laid on my sofabed all day moaning and whining.  It feels like a combination of getting punched in the gut and puking too much even though I didn't puke.  Oh and I lost my voice again.

It's probably better off I didn't feel well today because it stopped me from beaming when I told Tennis and Nun I was leaving.  Nun offered to counter. I declined.  I would have stayed if they were able to create the position I've always wanted there and matched my salary increase, but that wasn't happening any time soon.  My last day is Friday the 14th.  My three year anniversary would have been February 4th.  I can't believe I still haven't stayed somewhere three years yet!*

In other news, despite feeling like shit at Juniper's I met a guy!  He walked in and we both looked at each other and kind of did a double-take. At least it seemed like he did! Anyways we talked for a while. He's a big sports fan and get this, has seen sixteen ballparks. He's cute, too!! I'm in Like.

We traded phone numbers and I totally wanted to call him yesterday, but since my voice is shot I put it off. I'm glad I did. He called me while I was on the train home from work tonight. HE called ME! Do you know how fucking refreshing it is to not feel like I have to steer or get a stupid text from a pussy guy who is too afraid to call? WOO HOO!! Fingers crossed we hang out this week!

I must say 2011 is starting out awesome. New Year's at Crazy Ass was a blast. Saturday I met someone. Today I left Minnow. I can't wait to find out what tomorrow will bring! At the very least I hope I feel better!

*Yes I can.

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