Monday, January 17

Wish me luck, monkeys!

Tomorrow's the big first day at Biz! I'm nerv-cited!! GAH! I have no idea what I'm in store for, so I keep calling it an adventure.

No matter what happens I am so incredibly grateful I have the chance to try something new and was able to leave Minnow. I'm already starting to forget I even worked there once. Friday was ten years ago.

The Gentleman sent me a very nice text wishing me good luck tomorrow. I expected it, which shows how thoughtful and reliable he already is only two weeks in.

I did NOT expect MD to do the same. I hoped he would, but I hoped he'd do a lot of things. I was so shocked and happy that I cried, naturally.

This is such a lovely week! The Jets and Steelers are in the playoffs, I've gotten some positive attention from two nice guys (one vocal, the other mute although he seems to be coming out of his shell), Biz, dinner with the Company girls tomorrow, dinner with college friends Wednesday, and pokher Friday. Life is good!!

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