Sunday, January 23

Week 1 Recap

Ahhhh! Finally I'm ready to write about my first week at Biz. I would have done it yesterday, but I fucked my shit up again.

Friday night I went to poker (I won $6.57! Booyah!). I ate a slice of pizza on the way, then a bunch of chips, pretzels, tomatoes with hummus, and three Guinness at Rockstar's. I didn't think much about what I had eaten until yesterday morning. Halfway through my peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain toast I felt queasy. I thought, maybe I should stop eating this, ignored myself, and finished it. Immediately after I became ridiculously fatigued, nauseous, and a complete menthole. After a three hour nap I felt better, so I invited MD over to watch a movie later on and spent the next two hours cleaning for his arrival. (Delilah was TRASHED.) By the time I was done cleaning I felt like shit again, so I cancelled on him and spent the rest of the night half watching Mamma Mia on TBS and Blades of Glory on ABC. Weird to note, I fell asleep on the couch and woke myself up from snoring. I never snore! I wonder what that means...

I feel okay this morning. I'm a little weak, but I didn't eat anything after the PB&J so I'm sure I just need some fuel. At this point it's pretty obvious I have a food intolerance, I'm just not sure if it's wheat, gluten, or yeast. Maybe it's all of them. There's not much to do by way of diagnosis except good old trial and error. My health insurance hasn't started up yet, so if I went to the doctor's for some tests I'd have to pay everything out of pocket until I can submit a claim for reimbursement. No thanks. All I can do now is avoid food with those ingredients and see how I feel. The problem is practically everyting I like contains wheat and/or yeast! Oh well. At the end of the day, cutting all that shit out is just going to make me healthier and probably lose weight. That's not so bad!

SO. Biz. It's a bit a surreal. It was a conversion week, so all we did was sit in a training room and stare at our computers for eight hours straight. The only time I got up was to go to the bathroom and buy lunch. I've worked like this before, but it's been a while so it was a bit exhausting thinking this hard. The good news is I was able to jump right in and help validate data and update the user test plan. I'm really proud of myself. While I don't know anything about law and only a little finance, I do know how to be an analyst. I caught some issues, raised some questions, and already got praise for contributing. Oh and it turns out my bosses are moving upstate, so they want me to be the face of the Philly project. I'm supposed to head down there on Tuesday to meet everyone. Crazy!

I have two favorite moments from this week. One, I told one of the developers I love Peppermint Patties so she bought a whole bag. Two, I had to go to another building on 59th and Madison to get my ID. I was on the 23rd floor in a conference room with a GORGEOUS view of Central Park. I felt so special, almost like I had made it or something.

My least favorite thing so far is the 53rd and 5th station on the E/M line. I've avoided this station for years. I don't know if it is the deepest one (heh), but there are so many stairs down it feels like I'm entering the bowels of hell. I'll probably still take it though as it's only five stops from me in Queens and is the closest one to our client office. I'll avoid it once it gets warmer out.

Blah. I'm tired again. This sucks!! Stupid fucking eating problem thingie!

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