Sunday, January 16

You will find true love on Flag Day

I hung out with MD this weekend. I wrote a post about him when I was drunk at 2:30am this morning, then deleted it when I woke up. I rarely delete posts, but I was embarrassed and uncomfortable with what I wrote.

What did I write? I think I'm in love with him.

(The audience groans.)

Believe me. I do NOT want this to be the case. I know he doesn't love me back. It hurts.

We watched the Steelers game yesterday, the Jets game today, and True Grit this evening. Bakes and Juniper were with us, so it wasn't datey or anything. We did hold hands through the movie, though. I melted.

He kissed me last night at the bar and I made myself leave right after. It was so hard to walk away, but I know I won't get over him if we keep hooking up.

I was upset last night and this morning for a bit, but I'm okay now. I want to try to be friends. I care about him too much to cut him out completely.

Sigh. Is it Flag Day yet?

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Stevie said...

Do not like! Sorry, but you deserve better and you know that. Out with the old! In with the new! Yada yada. I say give The Gentleman some time to make you laugh -- some guys just need to relax first. Or at least find someone who treats you similarly AND cracks you up.