Thursday, January 27

Lone Wolf

I was the only Biz person at the NY client office today. Working by myself is fucking awesome. I can't wait until I feel better, so that I can really enjoy this gig!!

This morning was pretty rough. I felt awful, then I had some vegetable soup for lunch and felt great for about two hours. Now I'm tired again. Oh well. I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow morning, so we shall see. I'm assuming he's just going to send me for a lot of bloodwork. Fingers crossed something definitive, curable, and manageable comes up!!

I got my first paystub. My paycheck was way more than I expected only because I don't have insurance, a 401(k), or transit checks deducted yet. I was blown away by the amount. Hurrah!! Luckily it's just in time for this doctor visit. It's probably going to cost a shitload since I'm not technically covered yet. I'll get reimbursed, though.

Juniper asked me what my plans are this weekend. My parents probably won't come up because of the snow, so now all I'm going to do is sleep, watch movies, and work. Perhaps cook too, if Bacon's still available for a lesson.

I would like to see The Gentleman as we haven't hung out in a week. I don't really feel like seeing MD. Nothing against him or anything, I'm just too tired to deal with my feelings for him.

Eh, that's all I got.

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