Tuesday, January 18

It was great!

I am soooo tired. I had insomnia last night and am pretty sure I finally fell asleep around 5am. Ouch! I used to get mad and cry when I couldn't sleep back in the day. Now I know it's just what I do when I'm excited, so I guess it's a good sign!

Before I pass out at 7:30pm, I just wanted to say my first day was great. Nerd great. It was me and five other dorks sitting in a training room looking at data, writing queries, and updating conversion maps. I am so happy I decided to make this my full-time gig rather than settle for part-time side projects my bosses don't/won't/can't understand.

I'll write more this week of course. Right now I need my bed!

I do want to say a quick thanks to Furbie and Tron, my ex-work husbands. Furbie taught me how to use Access, write SQL, kept me as sane as he could when I was at Company, and convinced me I should take this gig. Tron has been my own personal cheerleader since we met last summer. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have met the recruiter who got me this job, nor would I have the confidence to go for it. Thanks guys. I owe yas big time!

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